‘Twas the Week Before Christmas

‘Twas the week before Christmas, and at Santa’s pad,

things weren’t going well, in fact, they were bad.

After multiple landings, from many a hoof,

Santa was in need of a new metal roof.


The North Pole can be quite harsh, you see,

snow and rain were leaking, plum up to your knee!

The workshop and barn were all flooded and more,

the house was bad too and Mrs. Claus was in an uproar.


Since toy making for this season was through,

And the elves had nothing better to do,

Santa announced in his jolly old tone,

“Forget ordering panels, we’ll just make our own!”


Not quite sure, just how to start,

he called up a roofer to come do their part.

Contractors work hard and Santa could tell,

as he called and he called, and it went to voicemail.


So they watched it on YouTube, like so many do,

to learn to form panels and get some type of clue.

So he gathered the elves and even the reindeer,

He gave them instructions and they gave a great cheer!


The elves rolled them, and bent them, and put them in place,

Then Santa had a shocked look on his face.

Although he was nimble and his mind was still keen,

Santa forgot the seaming machine!


He couldn’t let another minute slip by,

So he ran to the phone and called up D.I.

While dialing, he foolishly thought to himself

“I hope that they have one in stock on the shelf”


Santa’s heart leapt when he heard them say,

“Same-day shipping and it’s on the way!”

He proudly bragged, “we rolled them ourselves,

manufactured and installed by certified elves.”


Just for good measure, he added the R.P.P.,

in case of slight damage, for a small fee.

From Mesa or Corinth or Niagara Falls,

ordering was easy, and no problem at all.


So the next day, the seamer was there,

with manuals, parts, and stuff everywhere.

UPS was quick, and friendly to boot,

now just to get it seamed and enjoy the new roof.


Safety was first, just like always,

so they tethered and tied off like any other day.

The seamer was new and looked really clean,

but it looks different than some other machines.


He had some questions and wished he was trained,

the elves asked “how?” and he started to complain.

The other seamers were old and heavy, he knew,

this black and yellow thing must be easy to prove.


But, just then, he remembered he’d read,

that D.I. has a new Mobile App to help stay ahead.

With videos and manuals, and a chat option, too,

after he downloaded, he was a seaming guru!


Crimping and seaming, the elves quickly went,

Santa couldn’t believe the job was almost 100 percent.

Tight seams that could stand the wind and the snow,

hurricanes and tornadoes, however they blow.


Then the job was done and all were satisfied,

he closed the case with the label outside.

He knew the brown truck was well on the way,

he called the wife and started his sleigh.


She emerged and looked from the ridge to the eave,

even noticing the details and vent sleeve.

She began to speak and all grew a great breath,

she hemmed and she hawed, and it scared them to death.


Finally, she spoke and said, “That’ll do”

Then Santa, his sleigh and his reindeer all flew.

Then he turned and shouted as he sped out of sight

“Just call D.I. if you want it seamed right!”


Merry Christmas from D.I.!



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