6 Reasons Why D.I. Is Everyone’s Favorite Roof Seaming Equipment Supplier

There has been a lot of buzz about D.I. Roof Seamers and seaming equipment around the industry lately. D.I. technology and services are making it easier than ever to have a wide array of tools on time and within budget. Here are our favorite reasons…

1.  It’s an amazing deal.

Have you ever tried to buy a specialized piece of equipment? In the construction industry, we all have. Being able to rent the tools you need saves time and money. You don’t have to worry about if you ordered the correct thing or if it will work when it arrives. When placing the order, simply provide some basic information and D.I. takes care of the hard part.

2.  Fast response and even faster shipping.

With offices in Mississippi, Arizona, and even Canada, D.I. can offer faster and cheaper shipping and service than anyone else. Most locations across North America are available in 2 days or less — with GROUND shipping. Nothing expedited or overnighted that costs a small fortune, though we will do that if you need us to.

3.  Delivered to my job site.

With D.I., UPS, or another courier if you prefer, unloads the package, and…that’s it! No setup, no adjustments, no “some assembly required”; it’s ready to go the moment it is delivered, right out of the box! When you are done, simply use the enclosed pre-paid label to return it. No weighing and measuring, no hassle, simple and straightforward…the way it should be.

4.  Packaging saves the day.

Did you know D.I. was the first in the industry to utilize the incredibly tough Pelican™ case for seaming equipment? The tools stay safe, dry and clean; perfect for storage and securing overnight, wheels and handle make it easy to move around on site and safely hoist to the roof. The packaging is half the battle to protect the equipment from rugged job site conditions.

5.  My Bottom Line is healthier.

Being able to rent, and not purchase, allows for versatility between bidding jobs. If a panel manufacturer isn’t offering what the customer wants, having the option to search elsewhere is valuable. Plus, like most rental equipment, being able to write off the rental expenses helps each job be more profitable.

6.  Hassle-free service makes the experience.

Call, e-mail, or even chat on the D.I. app, allows access to award-winning service and technical support 7 days a week. Not to mention, each order comes with spare consumable parts in case something goes wrong, it doesn’t stop a crew from working waiting for new parts to arrive.


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